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About HOPE Hero Awards

HOPE HERO AWARD honors the selfless actions of individuals who have taken the initiative to make a difference in the lives of the people in a community. 
The award recognizes Filipinos who are delivering impact anywhere in the world AND individuals, regardless of nationality, impacting Filipinos. These are people who have dedicated time, possible resources, and creativity towards uplifting and enriching the lives of others, earning them well-deserved recognition as true champions for good. 
By shining a spotlight on these people, we inspire others to follow their footsteps and create a meaningful and lasting change.
The Winner

One winner will emerge as the

HOPE HERO of the YEAR and will receive Php 250,000.00

and two finalists will receive Php 50,000.00.

HOPE is an impact organization that has been recognized as Best for the World™ B Corp since 2017.  Established in 2012, HOPE invests 100% of its profits in improving public school education infrastructure, providing agricultural interventions and carbon sequestration opportunities to smallholder farmers and taking action towards the growing plastic pollution crisis.

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